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Direct Primary Care for your employees

Traditional employer sponsored health insurance is expensive, premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage have risen to almost $19,000. Often confusing federal health care mandates can make attracting, affording and retaining a talented work force challenging. 

A membership with NoCo Primary Care direct primary care, when combined with a high-deductible health plan, is a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top quality health benefits to their employees while meeting the employer requirements of the Affordable Care Act, while saving 12 to 15 percent over what a firm would spend for traditional insurance.

Attract and retain valuable employees

The unemployment rate in Larimer Country is 2.1% as of July, 2017, making it difficult for companies to attract needed employees. Employees appreciate easy access to high-quality healthcare. Employers want to reduce absenteeism, and presenteeism.

"When people don’t feel good, they simply don’t do their best work"*

If employees don't have a doctor, or can't get in to that doctor, or have to pay the average $160 for an office visit, they are less likely to go. Patients are less likely to take prescriptions if they cannot afford them. NoCo Primary Care can help keep your employees healthy and more present with:

  • No copays for office visits

  • Easy access to the doctor by text, email, and virtual visits when appropriate

  • Short waits to get an appointment, and short times in the waiting room.

  • Wholesale +10% on many medications

Call 970-599-0330, or email to learn more

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