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"Dr. Rhoads is a great doctor and his staff is friendly. He takes the time to really understand concerns and gives helpful advice, which has been a delightful change from a lot of doctors I've encountered in the past. My two small children go to see him and he has had great suggestions about how to handle their medical and behavioral issues"   - patient

"I have seen many doctors over the years for some complicated health issues. Dr. Rhoads is by far one of the most compassionate, knowledgable and helpful doctors I know. Instead of feeling like 'just another patient', he consistently takes time to hear what I have to say and respects me as a person and a patient. I highly recommend Dr. Rhoads, he is an amazing physician."   - Katie S

"Dr. Rhoads isn't your typical family doctor. Not only is he very intelligent and up-to-date on current research, he is kind, caring, and patient. I'm a medical professional, and I can 1st hand tell you he is a rare gem. I'm thankful to have him to take care of my entire family. It's a relief having someone this amazing to lean on."   - Shannon F

"As another primary care health care provider I know how hard this job has gotten, and what it takes to really be present and attentive with our patients. Dr. Rhoads makes this look easy, and his genuine care and concern really shines through. He's now the physician for most of my extended family. I feel very blessed!"   - patient

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